What does Nigeria Constitution say about an Absent President?


Since President Buhari was elected and assumed office on 29th May 2015, he has been in and out of office on grounds of ill-health for months. With the secrecy surrounding him and his ill-health, the Nigerian public does not actually know what is wrong with him, when he will be well enough to resume office, if at all he will be able to resume normal duty but now well enough to resume duty.

The absence of a President from office despite having the Vice President in acting capacity create uncertainty in a country, as the Vice President does not maintain a deputy nor can do everything as the President. The question is what does the Nigeria constitution say about an absent President from office? How long shall a President be absent from office before he is declared incapacitated by ill-health to be in office; either he resigned on his own accord or he is removed by the National Assembly?

In Nigeria although things appeared to be normal with the Vice President, Osinbajo, being in charge of the country when the President was absent, those from the North where the President hailed were jittery about losing another office of the President before the completion of the term of office the Government, since they lost the office and former President Yar’Adua in 2010. They did much to prevent information about President Buhari and his illness going public, in order to retain the office of the President. As things were in the country, the constitutional ball was in the court of the National Assembly. The Legislature did nothing about Buhari's long absence. Nobody mentioned the matter at the chambers let alone debated it. ————— Coming Story————-

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