Donald Trump’s Insult – What Africans Should Do; Hence Refuse Aid from the US


As a protest against President Donald Trump for his shithole insult on Africa and her people worldwide, all African countries should hence stop accepting any forms of aid from the US Government, charities and individual donors.

A country is her leader. Today what Donald Trump represents, says or does is done on behalf of his country, the US. Today, he is the US and the US is him.

Donald Trump’s actions may not be that of the people of the US but he was voted into office to represent them. It takes one key and bad person in society to tarnish the image and good work of the rest. Donald Trump in his actions and speeches has tarnished  the image of the US. It is no longer respectable and worthy to accept any aid from the US.

This protest should be maintained until Trump is either removed from office, voted out and he is no longer the President of the US.

African Union should also send out this message to every member country.

The value, respect and human dignity of Africa and her  people are priceless and paramount.  

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