Test Dropdown Letter 2



ederal Ministry of Education: Among the ministerial jobs, that of the Minister of Education is the most familiar simply because the appointed Minister who should have had higher education should be familiar with education process from primary school to university, which he/she went through. The Minister need not be an academic.


The main problems in our Education are poor administration, fund management, strikes and drawback by the North. For the Minister of Education to be able to perform very well he/she must be one with excellent academic record from secondary school to university; with grade one school certificate and first class first degree. With these such Minister will be able to uphold the high standard and efficiency we need most in our Education system. The substantive Minister should have equally qualified four Ministers of State for Education. One will be in charge of primary schools; the second will be in charge of secondary schools; the third will be in charge of technical/intermediate education at technical schools, colleges of education and polytechnics, and the fourth will be in charge of universities.


To restore our high standard of education, reduce cost and maintain harmony in the sector; the military regime 6-3-3-4 system of education should be scrapped. The 6-5-2-3 system should be reinstated. That is, the Government should ensure that primary school education is strictly six years; secondary school is five years; the former two years HSC course which should now be for only GCE A/L should be re-introduced. In many things we do, the right background or solid foundation matters. Therefore, the Government must pay adequate attention to our secondary school and GCE A/L education. The standard of these determine the quality of our higher education and the educated in society.  


University first degree course should strictly be three years. The minimum entry qualification should be three GCE A/Ls. The former one-year preliminary course before first degree course proper should no longer be allowed. This will spread and reduce the number of students that seek admission to universities at a time. It will reduce the number of students that repeat their courses. It will minimise the number of students that dropout. The GCE A/L should be examined by the Nigeria Universities Commission. The Commission should acquire the current Joint Admission Matriculation Board as its subsidiary to examine the GCE A/Ls.

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