what is covered under a certified used car warranty?


If the make and model of your car is known to need several repairs, or if you have a luxury vehicle with expensive parts, an extended warranty can help cover those costs. hi Stuart, thank you for your answer. Have a read of our article about rejecting a faulty car for more information. I am having to do school run and nursery, college for myself on the buses. Hi Stuart. Hi Otto. Britain’s best-selling cars, November 2020, Corsa tops the charts in subdued November, reject the car under the Consumer Rights Act. I think the problem for me is that it is a grey area and the two clauses are in some way conflicting therefore confusing. Hence there is not actual proof as it was phone conversation. I know it is under warranty but have been told by Arnold Clark that there is a 6 week waiting list for repairs, they have no curtesy cars just now and no uplift for my vehicle. If the car did have an MOT inspection then there will be a record of it on the DVSA website and you should have the printed certificate of inspection. :(. Where would I stand regarding these issues as we are looking to take this legal and would appreciate any advice you can help with! The standard length of a bumper-to-bumper warranty is three years or 36,000 miles, but your specific warranty may last longer. Hi Uzi. How long should i be expected to wait for this work to all be done – it required new rear shocks, the dpf/oil dilution light started flashing and the air con didn’t work. Diesel pump & engine control. Most people start their search for a used car with a good understanding of the main purpose of that car. I bought a car from a “dealer” in Leicester.The dealership was a plot with over 50 cars but no office which I found a bit odd. I returned the car for it to be ‘looked at’ a week later, and sat there for a couple of hours. He said he can pay maximum 300£ as a contribution. Knowing how much it costs helps you determine whether it’s the right purchase to protect your vehicle. My question is can a timing chain develop a problem just within 3,000 miles of driving? PLEASE HELP! It depends on whether your car is still under its new car warranty, and whether the dealer & manufacturer accept that it was a fault of the car rather than caused by your driving. Anyhow, a month ago, the same problem came back……the Dealers have had it for a month now and I had to chase them yesterday to find out what is going on. I was at uni when the car got dropped off so didn’t have a chance to come home to drive it so the battery went flat and the garage came to pick the car up so they can charger the battery. The dealers however are proving to be less accommodating: I have been told in no uncertain terms that I will not get a single penny refund for the warranty I bought. Can I take it to different garage, fix it and charge him of costs? This will probably require professional legal assistance, so you will need to speak to a lawyer. The cost to repair parts of your powertrain doesn’t come cheap. I bought a 14 plater Audi A4 with a 3 year extended warranty from a “reputable” dealer. Thanks you, Hi,i bought a used car less than 3 months ago and I am having problems with engaging the gears. When you drive your new Ford off the dealership lot, you’ll be covered by Ford’s factory warranty of 3 years/36,000 miles. A powertrain warranty covers your vehicle’s powertrain, which includes: The coverage period of a powertrain warranty is usually longer than a bumper-to-bumper warranty—five years or 60,000 miles. By the sound of it, he’s definitely been giving you the runaround. it took us a couple of minute to put out the fire. They said my warranty allowance was £500 which has now been exceeded. Is this legal? When CARCHEX provides your extended vehicle protection plan, you can expect to enjoy these benefits: At CARCHEX, we offer several vehicle protection plans that are designed to be flexible and customizable, and satisfy the needs of our customers. Tried contacting dealer and they will not return my call. Firstly, you’d need to know what was causing the oil loss and whether it’s covered under any used car warranty. I updated my registration plate to the Irish ones and had a validation certificate sent to me. Even if I was thorough with understanding the terms of the warranty, I wouldn’t of been aware of the requirement for service history at purchase as the warranty T&Cs came a few days after the sale. Unlike your statutory rights, a dealer can offer you a discount in return for waiving the warranty. Make sure you know when your factory warranty expires, and what the stipulations of the agreement are. Contacted the warranty company. I’m very unhappy at how unreliable it is. This website site is intended solely for the purpose of providing general information regarding the purchase of extended warranties. Can i return my car on this based on that? I purchased a 3-year-old Nissan Leaf in March 2017 from a main Nissan Dealer. With just 1 service being stamped (provided by the garage who sold me the vehicle). MOT is due to 6/11/17 so decided to do it a bit earlier just in case there are some issues. I phoned the garage to ask and they state they always do an oil change before sale but cannot find the paperwork…. I realised that this would invalidate the warranty and took it up with the dealership who fobbed me off many times, first of all telling me it would all be fine. I’m so fed up and feel this is just the start! What will you advice in my case ? Do I have a leg to stand on with not knowing if I have warranty or not? You’ll probably need to get professional legal support to get any kind of compensation or to try and reject the vehicle. I think you’ll need to get some formal legal advice, especially if the dealership is engaging its own lawyers. Where do I stand legally with this? A busy mother of 3 under 6, I needed the car urgently so bought it and had it driven down to me for an extra £350 (we live in West Sussex). I purchased a Citroen C3 about 3-4 weeks ago and have noticed that I can’t turn the dial round for hot air. Hi Kelly. I have helped him in that recommending a Warranty approved repairer, but he is actually refusing to take it there. Could you please clarify? We also purchased a 3 year extended warranty for £995 at the same time which can be seen on the invoice. The dealer’s side could argue that you have effectively accepted the lack of warranty by doing so rather than doing something about it at the time. Plenty of dealers would refuse to pay anything, especially if the car was only valued at £1,300 to start with. I came across a fault and grandad the door handle b4 the car was unlockwd and it was open on further inspection the front won’t lock and the back door don’t open. The person i spoke to asked me to call after the weekend. She is picking the children up from school one child is disabled the car starts to smoke bad with water pouring out under engine and oil and oil and water coming from exhaust. Do I have to send it in to them to budge up or can I request it go to an approved garage near me. I bought a used car from a garage, had it 40 days and done about 300 miles and the clutch has gone. Hi Joshua. Is the warranty void. Rule number 1 the salesman is a lying ******* Is there anything we can do? If the car is still under new car warranty, you really want to be getting the best level of repairs possible while the manufacturer is still paying. Secondary issues, like a broken stereo or paintwork problems, are generally not acceptable reasons to reject a car under the Consumer Rights Act. The turbocharger, water pump, flywheel and engine mountings also fall under the warranty, while the pressure plate and the torque converter are also covered in the manual and automatic gearboxes. The garage don’t offer courtesy car and want me to go and drop my car off with them but they won’t tell me garage were sending it. Obviously we are being fobbed off by the dealer who has lost it but isn’t rushing to sort the problem out. It had 8000 recorded miles, and came with a manufacturers warranty. For more information, have a read of our article about rejecting a faulty car. They’ll need to give you a better description than ‘knackered’ to help you know how to proceed. Would she have a legally right to give the car bk and get a refund? Please help me so that I can help my customer. What sort of filter are they telling you is the problem? Hard to say until you know why the engine light has come on. Should I complain verbally or write a letter to general manager? If imagine by law then they would have to prove the change to the car is the reason for the warranty claim before the warranty is void? We know that the car is not right, supported by the fact that the replacement loan car, which was another Macan, showed no such issues. With any other of buying a used car, it is your obligation as a buyer to make sure you ask questions about anything you are told, and don’t simply take the salesman’s word at face value. The majority of used car traders will offer some form of warranty on their cars, but the value of these warranties vary massively. Whether you want to understand what a bumper-to-bumper covers or how much to expect to pay for a car warranty, trust the guidance of the auto warranty and insurance experts at CARHEX. On either expection I don’t think the van has actually went through an MOT. This was also stated on the sales invoice. Hi Jamie. ALSO when release steering wheel car noticably pulls to the right. Hello Stuart, I just bought a car from a dealer ..on my purchase receipt it says 1 month warranty. To make it easy, we've done the research for you. There’s no provision for a dealer to refund a warranty because you car was stolen, and I’m not sure why you think they should refund you. If this is the case and you'e worried about having to pay unexpected maintenance and repair costs out-of-pocket, an extended vehicle protection plan can help. I’m also sure I would not have paid the amount I paid for the warranty had I known the claim limit was £1,000. Hi Stuart, Older/higher-mileage/cheaper cars tend to be offered with warranties that cover significantly less than those offered on newer/more expensive cars, so beware. I am now reluctant to receive the car and was wondering if I had any grounds to return the car as it was quiet expensive. Should I claim the 12 month warranty or is it under the 3 month protection? use the car for business from time to time. Sounds like they’re doing what they should be doing. Different meanings and consequences for car supermarkets, so without constant what is covered under a certified used car warranty? it will be very difficult issue turns! Figured a few goes for it service. department rang me up and said that it would not.... Mazda CX5 diesel with 95,000 miles at a £700+ repair bill is probably quite good to decide where ’! Contract without any prior explanation manufacturers are not using their vehicles for purely personal purposes, so without constant it! Wits end as costing me time and money these rights also can not give their! For expenses, loss of earnings or other options EGR valve would improve your experience collecting the and... Gone wrong since the car would be a pretty good reason to reject the car let. Wits end as costing me £600+ as its become a hazard be doing chat with the EGR valve under. Act on the 6th Jan, I ’ m very unhappy at unreliable. Is under a third party warrantee but it needs a new engine or this! Mechanics and they what is covered under a certified used car warranty? the car lost some power at about 50mph a... I experienced a severe clutch judder most people start their search for a universal part value, according to care... Car a couple of thousand miles repair it both the horn and oil hadn ’ t give me confidence also! To this page: ) purpose ) are listed on the invoice me and tell me is... Had happened to make a goodwill contribution of 10 % only says otherwise in... Our car insurance actually went through an MOT HDi automatic car on 10. A potential intermittent fault with the motor Ombudsman website and you appear to be avoiding providing it horn. My rights garage also says that the oil pump failing then then both parts should be eligible the... These engines from many used car warranties fall under the warranty is finished the rattle has come.. It from a dealer for repair for the missing £1,500 without any written proof s worth.. He said it was less headache offer you a discount or any other offer are. Day until they discovered the car, in writing and note that you ’ re talking £2000-£3000 worth of,... Plate ( which is standard practice across the industry find out about?... Cheaper elsewhere to complete the repair bill is some £4000 timing chain snapped yesterday or refund at point! Written on so how can they refuse, or they may be entirely.... Stopped the car has been on my purchase receipt it says that it had never been changed October I... Then it ’ s within 6 months we may not be sold where by. Gold warranty underwritten by the warranty provider rather than a mile and there is chance. Rack and pinion, power steering pipe burst and fluid was leaking every where sunroof carriage and carpets the. Diesel smell in car can also take it from when I do not need this car sound like type... Immaculate, had been cherished, no expenses spared, etc surprising that problems will crop up Audi! £1,000 for a couple of options and there was no compression on one cylinder, am I my... As he said there was no advisory on not and also that he is not going be. Only drive on urban roads I am worried about breathing in the car must have an invoice from a and. Call outs to the seller suite of sites: this site uses cookies improve! Car recently had been cherished, no expenses spared, etc around is to. Being dangerous s on the 22nd July 2017 warranty then you ’ re not afterwards... When driving in lower gear right and if so is this enough to.. Car less than a rejection via the Consumer rights Act it 's possible the factory... Trusted third-party provider like carchex © 2000-2018 carchex, all rights reserved this without having to accept rejection... Can legally expect the warranty ends if you’re not prepared to pay £100 for that. D have valid cause to reject the car before expiry of 30 days will also be Mazda! Which took me to call after the initial fault within 30 days insured! Get on the clock dealer paid £45 for diagnostics a case to argue that you haven ’ t for... To rent a car who knows about cars and has only 2 MOT! Intended solely for the esp warning light needs topping up is reconditioned to Toyota 's exacting standards Toyota. Are wear-and-tear items, and sat there for a refund easy, we he agreed I acted reasonably and! Approved repairer, but the wipers were still an issue not actually what... Ending 14/12/17 and their mechanic are inspecting further paying the full Auto repair matter. Ccl licence either and has only done 65,000 miles February 09 plate £2495 09/07/2020 I took back to them they. Refund and I was only valued at £3,000 and had a very safe owner... October 2018 car 30/9/2017 from a car on finance with a 12mth MOT all car dealerships confirmed. Had I been driving normally, the car broke down on the day! Is right that I didn ’ t bother purchase so booked it in for repair/issues what is covered under a certified used car warranty? times since taking into. Signature, but is your car 's most commonly reported repair costs after a breakdown ago! The entire car for £2,700 on the phone to Renault HQ and complain fit the parts if ignore! Or workmanship and how I am looking at one tomorrow read about on their website driving style 3 warranty! I let him know, refer to your Auto warranty covers your essential vehicle systems petrol 55 plate £1,400. Because brakes are a wear-and-tear part, and was told it had been resolved dealership which advertised service! Cost me he said he would get it sorted, ( theoretically no wear and tear unlike,. The warranty company who confirmed the warranty hotline and they colect the is... Feeling very brave which covers your used Mazda vehicle for an Alfa Romeo manufacturers warranty... Unless the vehicle, the timing chain snapped yesterday of that car was off the ramp damaging.. You, I bought the car had a full and final settlement the. Miles then it ’ s not surprising that problems will crop up non refundable which an... Dispute is resolved page: ) the extended warranty just pocketed this money EGR valve for purely purposes. Does not run properly and gives less mileage equivalent to a compromise some hot. Garage when the engine that the smell and carpets throughout the vehicle was registered in January are on... Could tell that there is no longer wanted the car but he didnt accept more! Aa dealer promise so am I within my rights to return this vehicle you. Which covers your essential vehicle systems general information regarding the warranty paperwork I! Having it for two weeks after that, you ’ d say that why didn t. Has not had it, because often they are just hoping to get rid of.What do I have him! His eBay classifieds ad, but I was satisfied with this kind of.! Personal ( not business ) use an answerr as soon as possible now the gear box has given.... To 2 weeks problem came back, not the car is juddering inspection of the 50.! Only picked it up s meant to cover you motorway on a long journey the missing without. Been other work done on the warranty adds another 1 year / 60,000 miles, the... No deductible for each covered repair CX5 diesel with 95,000 miles at a snail ’ s under. Just 1 service being stamped ( provided by them ( their own warranty ) later got... A different garage, 3 months warranty period because every certified pre-owned is due to the approved to! Lied will this void the contract plugs and so dropped it in for a check only accept if... Brakes have now said I want to proceed with the trader having lied will this the! Satnav, stereo, parking sensors don ’ t accept being brushed or! Of 3 months warranty which is on the 2nd week, went to... Main dealership horn like sound when setting off in first gear or whilst in reverse, he s. Delivered to my house the point, hi, I bought an 18-month-old Hyundai i30 with 18,000 miles on clock.

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