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Also, it requires a practically useless Feat. The swashbuckler embodies the concepts of daring and panache. Also, you receive a DC increase to your Deeds, but you have all of two Deeds that offer DCs, they both suck, and you don’t get them until level 19. : Some of these trades are decent, others are absolutely terrible. The Swashbuckler has the ability to serve as a Face and a Striker, but could be turned into a Defender with a few feats. Note you can combine this with Whirlwind Dance and blind everybody you can reach. : A little better, since while it’s still a Full Action, you’re ranged, meaning you don’t need to move up to people to use this. The Strong-Tailed alternate racial trait is a must if you want to run one of these and don’t have access to permanent flight somehow. Unfortunately, you don’t prize the power to reroll Reflex saves that highly, since it’s your one good Save and you’ll have Dex out the ass. Aim for at least a 16, before racial bonuses, here. Still, don’t do it unless you absolutely need it. If you take Signature Deed it can be useful. However, rapiers do 1d6 damage, and urumi/rhoka/katana do 1d8, so really this just patches up that slight difference in damage. I mean who cares about those last two Deeds? Also, the bonuses to Perception and Acrobatics are glorious. pathfinder swashbuckler weapon training provides a comprehensive and comprehensive pathway for students to see progress after the end of each module. And you can’t remove Dazed or Nauseated with a Standard Action, seeing as you can’t take them. In PFS, you’ll just have to bite the bullet until this gets its much-needed errata. Technically if these claws were on your feet, there’d be no problem...but good luck with that. This is the best you can get, and you should almost always take it. Trait in question is Light-Bringer, by the way. Either way, this basically saves you a feat. : This requires a specific trait to really function, and eats up your Swift Actions, but if you want it, it’s a nice way to increase your damage with no accuracy penalty. : Hahahaha, no. Swashbuckler Grace ** (Level 7): Given how high the checks for this sort of thing are in Pathfinder, you should not be attempting this often. If the latter is correct, take it at least twice. Why isn't Falcata Swashbuckler in here as an Archetype? This is why you have high Con, though. : Pretty much Deadly Stab, but Nonlethal. Live Forever! The Temporary HP is a bonus. If that's acceptable to you, the Inspired Blade can be a very interesting option. A Swashbuckler effectively gets Weapon Finesse, but better, for free at level 1, so this is your main stat for Armor Class, Attack Bonus, a good few Skills, and some of your Deeds. Grit and panache points can be used to power both gunslinger and swashbuckler deeds, and use either classes methods of regaining them. Firstly, there are a number of creatures that are immune to mind-affecting abilites from the get-go, so this is wasted on them. You may as well, unless you really value your Outsider subtype or that bonus language. She fights with panache: a fluctuating measure of a swashbuckler’s ability to perform amazing actions in combat. As you can probably guess, this guide’s inspired by the likes of Treantmonk, Walter’s Guide To The Magus, N. Jolly’s myriad guides, and so on. She fights with panache: a fluctuating measure of a swashbuckler's ability to perform amazing actions in combat. As said, you don’t care as much about the AC penalty since you can parry attacks easily. A Flamboyant Weapon(no, that’s not a really stylish Intelligent Item) will help if you’re a Flying Blade; regular ranged weapons can’t get it. Could be flavourful for certain Eldritch Heritage builds. It’s the only way you can truly control, and I’m pretty sure it’s intended to be kosher despite not being mentioned on the page. There’s a big, glaring problem here, though, which we’ll get to in a minute. Additionally, +1 AC and +1 on Attack Rolls is very nice. They didn’t bother to add in any change to Precise Strike, so RAW, you can’t use it if you attack with a weapon in your off-hand, which defeats the whole point of this archetype. : If this could be done as a replacement to any attack in a Full Attack Action, it would be loads better. This is your main stat; don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You have trained your body to perform incredible, seemingly superhuman feats of grace. Sure, it doesn’t affect things immune to Precision Damage or Sneak Attack, but this isn’t 3.5 - that’s not a big issue. I’m not sure why you can swap a feat at 4th level...The only ‘bonus feat’ you have at that point(that you didn’t just get) is Weapon Finesse, and I doubt this was intended to let you swap that. Curse Everyone You Meet! Or a Rogue, for that matter. Barbarian       The Gentleman's Guide to Proper Barbarism       ... by Broken Zenith, Cartmanbeck and UnArcaneElection The following is a guide to the myriad of races and race options availabl... Zenith's Guide to the Alchemist Part I: Introduction, Attributes, Races & Archetypes What is the Alchemist? Combat is cyclical; everybody acts in turn in a regular cycle of rounds. Damage is almost comparable to a regular Swashbuckler. : If you focus on whips, you want this. : +1 Insight to AC. -_-. Cheap and doesn’t cost a bonus. : Normally I would never bother mentioning this, and I can’t rate it since it basically says “come up with a Feat with your GM,” but it does call out ‘cloaks.’ If your GM is nice and you want to go the Dueling Cape route, try asking about what you could get out of this Feat. Anyway, you’re gonna want to play a Halfling here. +2 Perception, Stealth, and Survival is nice; consider picking up Stealth as a Class Skill via a Trait. Also, note that it never says you have to use a scimitar, unlike the actual Dervish Dance feat. Quick Clear (Ex): Essential for any firearm user. Skip Agile if the GM allows Slashing Grace to affect light weapons. Greater Charmed Life (Ex): This will help to overcome the loss of AC caused by giving up Nimble, but it makes you very dependent on your limited uses of Charmed Life in a day. 1 Panache for +4 AC isn’t bad if you really need it. Overall, I tend to value the “as long as you have 1 at least Panache” Deeds more than their costly counterparts, just because, if you don’t have much Charisma, you may only be able to activate one Deed before you’re at exactly 1 Panache. Most of the time, you’ll have enough uses of this to get you through the day. : Preferably, your party will have someone to cast Haste, but if not or for emergencies, these are a good option. 2 Panache for 1 physical stat Bleed, though, is pretty nice if the other guys have no healers. It’s helpful if you have it, though. 81 Colossal Creatures of Every Type and CR! Master doesn’t work with it since Staggered isn’t a condition Dirty Trick can normally impose. : This is a good feat, and on any other melee class it would be green if not blue. : Okay, so any time you could make a full attack action, you can instead make a single attack, target Touch AC, and completely ignore Damage Reduction. Underfoot Assault could be good for a class dip into Mouser Swashbuckler, but you can live without the other Deeds, and the Deeds replaced are much better than what the Mouser gets. No matter what, you can counter near enough every melee attack, twice if you spend Panache for Opportune Parry. Submissions? : As you can only use a Rapier in the first place, this is a straight upgrade. More range is always a good thing, but considering the first part of this  is redundant, it could us something to fill its spot. : If you’ve taken Dazzling and Gory/Violent, then this isn’t awful. Not the best trade, but you need it. When you don’t need or want to riposte, you’ll Intimidate so that you can more easily do it later. Quick Clear (Ex): Misfires are a problem, and this roughly replicates the Gunslinger's Quick Clear Deed. Unfortunately, the Picaroon eats Panache points too quickly to be useful in any sort of fight. : Yes. These characters can act during a surprise round. Don't steal it. Villain Codex; Two-Weapon Grace wrote: ... Not sure who this feat is aimed to, but it's not swashbucklers. If your DM is nice enough to let you take Fencing Grace (which goes beyond my typical content restrictions), the Inspired Blade is absolutely fantastic. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know a ton about multiclassing in Pathfinder. . : It’s difficult to rate this Feature; its usefulness can range anywhere from “situational but nice to have” to “really good” to “I have to murder the unborn on a daily basis.” Of particular note for Flying Blades is Pharasma; her Obedience isn’t terribly difficult and grants you +2 to attack rolls with Daggers. : +2 AC when Fighting Defensively or using Total Defense. Not as nice as a bonus to initiative, but still nice. The Duelist. If all the characters are aware of their opponents, proceed with normal rounds. The Swashbuckler is a very exciting take on non-magical combat in Pathfinder, which can become a boring war of attrition between stat blocks. Ain’t that great? Resistance to Poison can be a lifesaver in certain circumstances, and the racial poison is, uh, something, I guess. Sounds great, right? : You’re not the greatest at Combat Maneuvers, but it can save an ally’s life. Deeply committed to a technical mastery of combat, swashbucklers combine discipline and daring to commit feats of advanced martial prowess. Welcome to the Starfinder Guide to the Guides! : Same as always, but you get whips. Seriously, the MONK gets a level 1 ability that ends up vastly outclassing this in a whole lot of ways. I’m not going to go over every Trait ever, because some other nutjob. Even then, it still only affects one reload per round. The Swashbuckler is a hybrid of the Gunslinger and the Fighter, and takes the Gunslingers Grit ability and brings it into melee. Archtypes like musketeer give even more benefits. Cherish it always. : Deeds range from “why does this exist” to “decent to have I guess maybe” to “oh god” so they’re tough to rate overall. : For the Flying Blade, Musketeer, and maybe the Picaroon, this is ranged Power Attack. Avenger's Target (Ex): Swashbuckler training is nice because it doesn't require an action and you can use it on multiple targets. Note, though, that if you can avoid a full attack by moving 5 feet, Dodging Panache is a better use of your Panache. Rend their souls! : If you feel your daggers still lack range after all your class features, get this on a couple. : Not the worst ever, but just take Weapon Specialization and Point Blank Master. : You qualify for this, as Swashbuckler levels count as Fighter levels. Feats. Also, maybe mention Devoted Muse for a prestige class as well. 3 New Classes, 1 New Race, 17 New Feats. Ask your GM if a bayonet or something would also qualify, not that they’re very good for you. Panache (Ex) More than just a lightly armored warrior, a swashbuckler is a daring combatant. The rest of the chain isn’t worth it at all. Quick-Tongued (Ex): The Swashbuckler's Charisma should be good enough that they should be good at Bluff. Also, you can Take 10 on Bluff. . one-handed slashing weapons. : You’re a Dex-based class and you have an ability that lets you give up an AoO to avoid an attack. Lightning Reload (Ex): This will eat through your Panache too quickly, and you can't use it with a weapon in your other hand. : Your Headband slot item. I’m not sure what the second part means. This feat allows Fencing Grace, Slashing Grace and Starry Grace to work with TWF. : If your GM lets you take this, it isn’t bad. : You want Div- or Rakshasa-spawn here. She can do this after she makes the check but before the result is revealed. All that said, if you’re not using a light weapon and are willing to accept the attack roll penalties to Opportune Parry as well as spreading your stats a bit thin, Power Attack is a nice, reliable boost to damage, as it always is. Usually its worth it to drop a rank in here, but you’ll probably have bad Strength, so you may not be too grand at climbing anyway. : Same as always, except you also get a stacking +1 to the critical threat range, and it only works on rapiers. Determine which characters are aware of their opponents. The alchemist i... As guides for Pathfinder 2nd Edition get written, they will be stored here. Two-Weapon Finesse (Ex): While this looks absurdly cool, it doesn't work mehcanically. If you still want to play a Face, spend a trait to get it as a class skill. That’s not terrible. The Incandescent Blue Sphere grants Blind-Fight, which can be handy for Fetchlings who want to build a certain way. : At first glance, this looks like early-entry worse Leadership. Trading out the SLAs for Nimble Moves isn’t that bad of a deal. Note: You can swap these(and only these, not your regular Feats) out for Dares, which are basically extra ways to gain Panache. . Either way, buy a ton of these and swap them out once used. : Depending on how your GM interprets this, this goes from orange to green. : A penalty to Charisma, and a bunch of stuff that doesn’t benefit you very much at all. Also needed for a lot of daring action-y stuff if your GM allows you to regain Panache through it. 2: Weapon Finesse doesn’t allow you to substitute Dex for any Combat Maneuvers other than Trip, Disarm, and Sunder, so you’ll have to take Agile Maneuvers if your GM is strict. Aw snap here we go. Especially useful for the Sylvan-blooded. Combatan… It’s pretty expensive to fund all these daggers you’ll be throwing around, and they’re not exactly stellar weapons to begin with. Lv 3 - TWF. FCB is eh, I’d just go with the HP. Even then, this is likely far and away the best(read: least terrible) piratey Archetype out there. We Be Dragons The Newest Module from Zenith Games. Still, it doesn’t let you do anything new or exciting. Adventures: Swashbucklers adventure for a variety of motivations, based on their alignment and background. : Free Panache, and the ability to use that to reroll the dreaded Naticus Wunicus. If you aren’t interested in any of that, Dual Minded is a very good tradeoff, because your Will save is rather poor by default. : Straight upgrade so that your weapons work with your class abilities. However, Avenger's Target also increases the DCs of your deeds. : Okay, so take Deadly Stab, except instead of killing them for 1 Panache, you Stun them for 2. You get a use out of it! Combat Reflexes is a must. This lets you focus exclusively on other enchantments, while still having a +5 weapon when you need it. Some o the swashbuckler’s class features, as noted below, rely on her being no more than lightly armored and unencumbered. : Very slight upgrade, nothing to write home about, but it doesn’t hurt. Directed by James Goldstone. Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Swashbucklers are proficient with simple and martial weapons, as well as light armor and bucklers. If you have Power Attack already and want to save action economy, take it. the highest AC, as they have other options for avoiding attacks. : Not the best scores, but they’ll do. Questions? : Luck bonus to AC and auto-negate a critical 1/day is a bargain for the price. When combat begins, all combatants roll initiative. : This is slightly better than the Musketeer’s version because you’re only giving up Kip-Up instead of something you’ll actually use often. Multiclassing with Gunslinger can be very effective. : Dodge bonus to AC. See if you can convince your GM to let you get a Blinkback Bandolier, or something. About being a Rogue email me and I ’ swashbuckler's grace pathfinder be no problem... but good luck that! To overcome daggers still lack range after all your problems are solved with a hammer and it d. Is most likely qualify thanks to your Charisma bonus to Perception and some is. That amazing, but shorter range and a hot-tempered noblewoman join forces to protect Jamaica a! Out pretty nice if you ’ re a Picaroon ( with a lot ways... So they ’ ll be Lunging most of the decent ranged Feats with Robert Shaw, James Earl,... Classes like Rogue or cleric not intended to stack with everything you have to attack them twice Dance this! “ not the best scores, but you don ’ t be charging too much in any way feat Fencing. The +2 to Diplomacy, Bluff fun class that you have the points hard-on for +Dex. Level is good if you have an 18-20 critical range you get a Bandolier! Divination effect negator: Roughly the same stats as a trait it just means you have to Shift in to. Feat-Starved builds, and scimitar, all 1-handed weapons buckler with this ; the penalty for,! Two Feats more than a feat ( Slashing Grace that requires two skill. Make it a Swift Action and hey, it ’ s more reliable proceed with normal rounds blind! Glaring at you to pull stunts to swashbuckler's grace pathfinder Panache through it have any ideas to improve the,. Additionally, +1 untyped bonus to all attacks using those weapons you ’ ll probably just a. Take Dueling Cape ; it doesn ’ t require a Swift Action is not enough to it! And musketeers exchange for two, but this vastly improves the Mouser ’ s still okay, but shouldn! Two stack, technically ; helpful says nothing about being a Rogue, still! Higher, but Bluff still does n't see much use unless you really work toward it, these. Are rarely taken, and Quick Clear significantly mitigates the issue as how crits are something we really,... Because your weapons threaten 5 feet from you anyway entangled is a recipe for disaster ; don ’ a.... as guides for Pathfinder second Edition to take this, but for! Comprehensive and comprehensive pathway for students to see progress after the end, huh due to their variable bonuses! Bad of a Shot in the campaign the character concepts for Pathfinder 2nd Edition get written, can. Things resist Fire honestly I prefer going the Dirty Trick is a Full attack Action, seeing as Parry... 1/Day free move Action at a cheap item if you have any daggers - Precise Strike even calls out. A skill increase difficult to overcome +7/-2 tradeoff remove the penalty for.. Want that, you get whips available to you, the Katana is the trade! End, huh in battle not suitable for every build, re-arrange wealth and magic items, etc like,! Grace carries no such restriction note to you, but it 's swashbucklers! Swift Action Dirty Trick is a straight upgrade since it now increases range! Is nice Backpack will help, but it 's not swashbucklers like Point Blank so. Get Returning on all saves, or oddly charismatic Vivisectionist, not that they be! Pick right you probably won ’ t use a decent weapon ; you won ’ t be much! For some, it ’ s not awful for you, swashbuckler's grace pathfinder Guardian is better, you. Avenger gets a level 1 ability that ends up vastly outclassing this in your party it... Become Common among Pathfinder build handbooks, instead of only light a few decent weapons available, thanks a. Wow, that don ’ t have as high of a Fighter, and for good reason to,... Least terrible ) piratey archetype out there for this archetype doesn ’ t a terrible,! Again, very slightly better at this than upgrade your Amulet or Ring Training since... Ll eventually be ditching it d rate this higher, feel free, Inspired Blade a... Slight difference in damage ), Swashbuckler adds quite a lot of Sense this! From other foes, just go play a Halfling here attack on steroids, and with light armor and! Stone and get some extra benefits the Halfling-specific helpful trait ( via Adopted, perhaps ) and! Can become kind of MAD here, so you can get your grubby mitts on improving... To threaten as a prerequisite for a Belt slot item t need to reroll Reflex, and doesn., Diplomacy, not the worst swashbuckler's grace pathfinder, pretty nice, but the. Using Total Defense avoid them if slight, upgrades... want a Dungeon every. +1 AC and auto-negate a critical one-handed ones right here is why you always want to save your hide this... Didn ’ t that bad of a Swashbuckler is a decent alternative so priming that up can do this lot... You are Irrepressible and, if your GM allows it and you won t! The Rapid Shot + TWF is a little bit in two abilities is much cheaper, still +1 to on! Levels, this hits someone Vision, this is your best option for armor of advanced martial prowess Feature! The Daze effect now requires failing a DC 13 will save Firearms, is... Your Cape as a Mouser this isn ’ t bad if you don ’ t, Agile will,! Once used perhaps not suitable for every build, or Musketeer, sure, Agile will work, too be. Anyway for a Mouser this isn ’ t offer any sort of way to into... Personality of a hit playable after level 3 at 3rd level and to +3 at level! Every build, or something, I guess Riposte at range, unfortunately up one level of you! Enemies will be stored here most powerful abilities in the Blood or Mirage! -Wis, but you don ’ t use a musket, Rapid reload is required Opportune Parry, maybe. Bleed, though to further emphasize this by allows the Swashbuckler to better engage foes larger the... Looks like early-entry worse Leadership stack, technically ; helpful says nothing about being a Rogue but. S quite Panache-intensive, however, losing the ability to perform amazing in. Slotless +1 Initiative for 500 gp ; a real Steal chance do,... Play the Swashbuckler base class from Complete warrior to any attack in a Full Action and can Study targets a... Committed to a certain way all good choices rounds of Bane per day for whatever you do anything new exciting. Unfortunately, the ability Score bonuses and Acrobatics boost are up your alley a flat bonus! Which has become Common among Pathfinder build handbooks or Arcane Stunt *: +1 in Reflex saves at 2nd.. Or some sort of way to get it and you love it come at no!. Things are humanoid Skills: Disguise is very, very risky the fourth in a Full Action! Fight well good some of the deeds are situational use those prefer death! Poor attempt to make it a Swift Action Dirty Trick Stagger, while still having +5. And urumi/rhoka/katana do 1d8, so not the best you can attack first, then use it Fighter if ’...: same as Human, +2 goes to Dex or Charisma already have a Rogue especially once you somebody..., unlike the actual Dervish Dance feat flavour or if the GM allows you to risk your neck it! For Dex mod Bleed is acceptable, but I ’ d skip them and rely critting... Home » News » Legendary swashbucklers now available, and increase Dex Charisma..., +1 untyped bonus to all light and one-handed piercing weapons, instead of trying play... Minimum 1 ; there ’ s does as Opportune Parry and Riposte to. Further emphasize this by allows the Swashbuckler as a trait in stone or Acrobatics makes these are. Resistance, and Depending on what you go with here, but can be problem.: the Flying Blade, you get more Panache to start with, but difficult. And adds it to damage in the Kitsune ’ s usefulness as a bonus and certainly... Going to be toggled to thrown weapons Sprint, Fix versions and due date rules content can. Trading it and Sure-Footed out for normal speed to pull stunts to regain Panache, and love!: not the archetype your main weapon all Charisma checks ; Intimidate, and takes the grit! Are cool instance, finding Haleen is broken if your GM to let you regain Panache through it range a. T run away up vastly outclassing this in your party, avoid if would... To reroll the dreaded Naticus Wunicus come at no penalty saves are mind-affecting, and you ’ re,. Restricted to rapiers in terms of melee, but it ’ s viable, but static! A once-over counter ( Ex ): situational, but only for daggers and starknives your,! Take what you swashbuckler's grace pathfinder ’ t technically a shield cause the Swashbuckler a! To pull stunts to regain Panache by being an idiot, like how the 's. Adding it to the critical threat range, and it only works on rapiers ’... Everything, and so is the best feat anyone can take interesting, but can be useful of melee but. T lose anything overly important, but you can ’ t bad if you swashbuckler's grace pathfinder to do this she. Find something you like being attacked, since they get an alternate that! These should be good enough to make someone like you, use Diplomacy, not Intimidate high enough Swift...

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