President Buhari of Nigeria said he is well and has returned home from London after 3 months and 12 days away from his country, Nigeria. But we do not know whether BBC World Service’s comment Forced him out of Britain


President Buhari is a very proud man. He has been away  from his country, Nigeria, since 7 May 2017 – 19 August 2017, continuous 3 months and 12 days. He had such frequent medical trips out of the country before this long one.

A BBC world Service comment about two weeks ago lambast Buhari and three other African head of states, Angola, Algeria and Sudan, who produce and export much crude oil, for neglecting or have not Healthcare or hospitals in their countries but run to western countries for treatment at every slight of even common cold. President Buhari may have felt humiliated and insulted by this comment, even when he spends his Nigeria money on British economy. He may have decided to return home on the pretext he was well enough, to go home. Let us hope he is actually well enough.  Details story later —————

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