Our Mission


Our mission is to present Africa to Africans and the rest of the world; especially in the relevant areas and issues where the continent and her societies have been ignored deliberately or by commission or omission; by the media of African countries themselves and the media of the advanced countries who have the capacity and moral responsibility, in addition to their countries, to present the weak world truly and fairly.  But this has not in general been the situation.

Factors that have made African countries to remain backwards, within or beyond their control, in the midst of plenty, can be brought home to them not in humiliating pen and broadcast but by sharp but gentle reminder with the same pen and broadcast.

Therefore, African countries, within plenty that are dormant, need as much ideas, articles and opinions to help them in their decisions to make each country and the continent among equals in today’s ever more competitive world. 

As the active society is shaped more positively by the momentum of ideas and directives that are readily available; we at the AfricaColumn.com are here to bring these home to African countries through reporting, articles and opinions in the manner within our ability that shall be second to none.

We believe; to change African countries for good and for the continent to be competitive with the rest of the world; as they are not short of relevant education but what versus how; we shall be reminding the countries in the same reporting, articles and opinions generally on what versus how.

When matters are in the open in any society; there is nobody that can cover or ignore them unattended. Where issues are in public domain the less ignorance; the less wrong decision making; the less wrong measures; the less manipulation by one person or by the privileged few; the more motivated and positively active populace. 

Moreover, the today well educated younger generation Africans are not there to play the role of the ostrich. With this, as the problems of African countries centre generally on ineffective Governments, as they are reminded, generally through AfricaColumn.com, the pressure from home front would wake up the Governments in their responsibilities to focus on governance that deliver sustainable societies to the people.   

In all, it is not doom and gloom in Africa continent.


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