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Compared to other breeds, Dorkings also have unusually (some say comically!) The White Dorking chicken, for instance, is pretty much close to extinction. Silver Gray Dorkings are good layers of a cream or tinted egg of medium size. The number of eggs that the Dorking Chicken can pump out will average at about 160 per year. The flesh is tender and delicate. Since the white Dorking chicken has a rose comb. It is also known as Brakel, Everyday Layer, Nuns Hen, Farmyard Hen and The Grey Neck. In a coop of assorted pure breeds, they are often near the bottom of the pecking order but still get to roost high. Greenish black spangles on silvery white plumage give them a polka-dot look. According to Storey's Guide to Poultry Breeds, the 5-toed fowl believed to be ancestors of the Silver Grey Dorkings have been known in England for over 2000 years. They are … They are known as American, Asiatic, Continental, English, Mediterranean, and All Other Standard Breeds. They are best characterised by their extra hind toe. This, sadly, has had the impact of making the Dorking incredibly rare. In heritage chicken meat taste-offs, they are usually in the top three and usually win. Interestingly, there does seem to be a little bit of evidence that this chicken was either bred during the Roman era or, more likely, it comes from chickens that were brought over during the Roman era. Box 9 - Dept C Pooler, Georgia 31322 Our other source's Dorking chicks were much paler and the darker females from that line were almost the same as the Mcmurray males! I wonder if I'll be happily surprised with a SGD. Great info and great read! These are the APA’s recognized varieties of this chicken: Colored (single comb) Silver Gray Dorking chicken (single comb) White (rose comb) Keep writing. It is invaluable for breeding or showing your chickens. The tail feathers are a pretty silver-gray and he's a soft gray underneath. You will likely find that your other chickens will bully your Dorking Chickens. The real thrill of the Dorking Chicken is that it tends to work well during the winter months. This chicken has short legs. Most chicken breeds are both cold and heat hardy however there are certain breeds that will do better in warmer climates than colder and vice versa. I kept her separated last night to see if she is pooping .well she did, she eats, drinks, so we put her with the other ones the trampled her now she is having a hard time Keeping balance. Some of the easter egger Ameraucanas, any silver duckwing coloured or red like Welsummers or Brown leghorns look chipmunky too but will have 4 toes and yellow, and even blue green legs. The heater was off.) However, if you have a decent specimen, and you live in a fairly large area, there will always be a couple of shows each year to show off your Dorking chickens. They are known to have shorter legs than other large breeds and it’s their stockiness that makes them an ideal meat breed. So, either try to keep all Dorking Chickens, or opt for one of the various breeds that works well with the Dorking. I'm trying to find him a home since I can't keep him and it seems a shame (to me) to eat such an unusual-looking chicken. See the picture of these 5-6 week old Dorking chicks! The females have the softer coloured salmon breast feathers, joining to give a solid salmon breast. The length of the breast, along with its curve, means they are actually easier to eat whole than breasted out. In fact, one look at this chicken breed will tell you that it is going to be fantastic as a meat chicken. Breeds : Jumbo Bobwhite Quail. Females have a salmon colored breast and silver-gray neck, back and wings. The Brahmas find their roots tied to 2 breeds: the ‘Shanghai’ breed from China and the Grey Chittagong from the Brahmaputra River area in India. Of course, you do not have to send it off to shows. Marans Marans lay three eggs a week and produce eggs with a very rich dark brown color. The dark V seen on a Duckwing-type of colouring is solid and defined and darker on the female. It is not meant to substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, or formal and individualized advice from a veterinary medical professional. The most interesting part is that, a total absence of the fifth toe means automatic disqualification of the fowl from a show. They're also the only breed with a red earlobe to lay a white egg! So we haven’t put her with the rest of the flock. One of those rare and different breeds of chickens that … created in the United States around 1970, relatively late in the game with respect to most other breeds. If your chicken is wandering around ‘free range’, then it can pick up insects and things. Breeds : Northern Bobwhite Quail. It doesn’t even touch the floor when the chicken is walking. The young Cockerels tend to start challenging other cockerels sooner than other breeds, I have noticed. The Austra White is a cross … Just handling them once or twice can be enough to tame them up. The single combed silver greys have 6 points with the middle two being the longest. This is a list of the terms used in this context. Hens make good white egg layers and this breed is very vigorous, quick and alert. Mix & match for a 6 chick minimum order. We got them all together on April 1st .She has a continues budge in her crop , I’ve done everything to get it to empty but it won’t. There are various reasons people raise chickens: for eggs, meat, show and exhibition or simply to enjoy caring for and watching chicks grow. All others are strong. The Dorking Chicken has a single comb which means that it is not ideal to raise this breed in some of the colder temperatures. This is, partly, due to the lower number of breeders that are producing this type of chicken. Chicken Breed Information - Dorking - Dorkings are a very special -- and very endangered -- breed. It was reported that these 2 breeds were crossbred in the US around the mid-1800s. The long brick-shaped body means there is a good amount of meat on each bird. The comb of the Dorking is large and sometimes looks to be a tad floppy on the roosters, which gives the breed a s… The only bantam breeds … The Roman writer, Columella, writes of a square short-legged 5-toed chicken brought to Britain by the Legions of Julius Caesar 54 BC. :-). They do well in confinement or free range and are a very low maintenance chicken to keep. Such as Cuckoo Birchen Blue for the Faverolles breed of chicken and Cuckoo Dark Red Silver Grey for the Dorking chicken breed. Phylogenetically, they branched off from the core Galliformes after the Cracidae (chachalacas, guans, and curassows) and before the Odontophoridae (New World quail). I have started to write a hub on ID-ing heritage chicks as there are definite chick patterns you can see with certain adult colours. The Dorking chickens allow other, tougher, chicken breeds to walk all over them. The name ISA Brown is not actually a breed name, but a copyrighted brand name. The hens have a similar comb though it is allowed to flop over to one side. Under the wings the bird has lustrous black with green or blue gloss. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Congratulations Agnes on your new chicks! Guineafowl (/ ˈ ɡ ɪ n i f aʊ l /; sometimes called "pet speckled hens" or "original fowl") are birds of the family Numididae in the order Galliformes.They are endemic to Africa and rank among the oldest of the gallinaceous birds. Cuckoo comes in quite a few color variations. That is how useless that toe actually is. We know that the Colored Dorking is the largest of the Dorking chicken varieties and that the Silver Gray Dorking was derived from it. Skeffling (author) from Wiarton, Ontario, Canada on June 22, 2011: Sorry to hear about the chicks Agnes, it is upsetting, but unfortunately not all are destined to make it. In fact, this is a chicken breed that tends to work best when it is sent out there ‘free range’. This unique, very rare breed of chickens has a long body on short legs, and a fifth toe. They are mild-mannered and can be shy but are easy to tame. McMurrays chicks are extremely dark on the top of the head even the males (though they are still lighter than the McMurray females), so this works best for birds all from one source. Chicks hatched from our own line-lighter than McMurrays. There really isn’t any demand for the breed any more from meat farmers. For juveniles, when the body feathers start to come in, the males will start with black breast feathers and will fill in to have a solid black breast. Hopefully the heat is figured out now. Barbara Strickland P.O. This results in quite small eggs and not a whole lot of meat. According to the breed standards, the Silver Gray Dorking should have silver-white neck and saddle, free from straw tinge or any markings. They don't eat much for a meat breed, so growth is not rapid. It will be very uncomfortable for the chicken unless you are doing something to protect that comb. The Dorking Chicken is another chicken breed in a long line of chicken breeds to originate in the United Kingdom. The USDA provides an excellent map for our regions and states based on temperatures and plant hardiness zones which is a good reference to look at when considering breeds. Although, that toe serves no function at all. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why people buy the Dorking nowadays. The larger chickens are mostly meat, and the breeders haven’t really focused on ensuring that the eggs that are produced come through regularly. lacking a pattern. These are the APA’s recognized varieties of this chicken: The silver gray Dorkign chicken is the most common and the most famous variety of this fowl. Wally Roderick Blue Ridge, Georgia 30513 Phone: 828-835-0277. Professionally done hub. They are the most relaxing breed to watch dustbathing or lazing in the sunshine. It is rare that you will get a ‘bad apple’ with this breed, to be honest. Thanks for the info. Dorking chickens may grow a little slower than other modern breeds, but this heritage poultry breed produces a highly marketable, gourmet meat. Very short legs. However, beyond this, we do not know much about the origins. The Dorking chicken eggs are medium to large and they are white or tinted in color. This actually works to your benefit anyway. The comb can be susceptible to frostbite more on the males than females, though not as bad as the Andalusians in our experience. Male SGDs have red dot on head. I believe they were bred and renowned as a fine table bird especially in the South of England. I have read they do not scratch very much, and it is actually true. If you opt for a white Dorking Chicken, however, then this isn’t really going to be a problem. Also, chicks vary in darkness overall from different strains or sources. So care should be taken if they are housed with other breeds of roosters. The 5th toe should not touch the ground at all and should be completely separate, not just a branched toe off another toe. The breed is predominately white with some solid black feather’s, there is also a white and solid red feathered variety. Any suggestions would greatly appreciated. Animals exhibiting signs and symptoms of distress should be seen by a veterinarian immediately. One the male is is a much lighter band or smudge, sometimes still a V shape. We have never had them sit on eggs in the 2 years we have had them, but they apparently will sit on eggs and brood chicks, making excellent mothers. Alternative Breed Names: Silver Grey Dorking Description: Dorkings are among the ancient English breeds in the UK, though they were thought to have originated in Italy. My family's life has been turned upside down, in a fun way and a chaotic way. Ours have caught mice and frogs and are among the few breeds that would dart through an electric fence to get to the vegetable garden. They're one of the oldest known breeds of chicken domesticated for human use (reportedly having been developed during the Roman empire), as evidenced by their 5 toes instead of the usual 4. This may not actually seem like a lot, but if you have ever raised a larger chicken breed before, then you will know that the eggs are not really a focus for the breeds. The black chick is a bantam, the uncooperative white chick is a standard size. I love sharing information about these beautiful birds. The ISA Brown is a humble chook. They do not eat… Female on the top right with much darker V on her head. That being said, if you have these as a backyard chicken, they are going to make a tremendous meat source. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Silver Grey Dorkings (apprx 6 wks), pullet middle left & 2 cockerals top/bottom right. They make a quiet squeaking, peeping noise when foraging and content that I have heard from no other breed. • Colors: black crested white, buff laced, golden laced, silver laced, white crested black, white crested blue, white • High late-season producer of medium to large white eggs • Classified as “Watch” by The Livestock Conservancy. I hope you do too. They are also the only red-earlobed breed to produce white eggs. Having long and massive body they can weigh up to 14 pounds. Keep this in mind if you want to raise this amazing fowl for showing. They are prized for their tasty white meat and a gourmet favourite. Aracauna Chickens. The Ameraucana breed was (surprise!) The Dorking is a stout breed, used for both meat and eggs. That is the good old Sussex chicken which, incidentally, comes from exactly the same area that the Dorking comes from. The top of the head is the key to sexing this lovely chicken breed. Good. One of the main reasons as to why we believe the chicken was brought over during the Roman era is due to a rather unique quirk in the look of the chicken. I worked on the ID hub tonight, it will have lots of pics and great links and will be ready soon! Silver-Spangled Hamburg Chicken - Baby: silver gray with parallel dark and light stripes on the back. Lays white egg. We have the chicken breeds that are for meat. Meat Breeds. A large group of attentive Silver Grey Dorking chicks with a few Blue Laced Red chicks in front. They forage for much of their requirements—free-ranging or inside a large protected electric poultry netting area—so you will save money on feed. They are excellent layers and are rarely broody. Barred Plymouth Rocks, or just “barred rocks”, are some of the sweetest, most inquisitive, quirky birds we’ve ever had.… They are hardy and… Like chickens the Romans had, the Dorking Chicken actually has a fifth toe. As the name suggests, this chicken breed comes from Dorking in England. What matters is that this is a chicken that has been around for a very long time, and for good reason too. Self chickens are one-coloured, i.e. White / Cream. Breeders and fanciers of chickens accurately describe the colours and patterns of the feathers of chicken breeds and varieties. Definitely look for 5 toes and white/pink legs. We have found Dorkings sometimes more susceptible to coccidiosis and losses may be higher when shipped. The Cream Legbar is an auto-sexing breed of chickens that is smart, beautiful, and lays a beautiful blue egg. With a Rose comb they are Coloured (like a Dark in Cornish), Red, Cuckoo, and White. Maria del Pilar Perez from Nicholson, Pennsylvania, USA on June 21, 2011: Less than a week ago I received a shipment of 27 mystery chicks. Austra White. You can just admire the beauty of this chicken as it runs around. All dorkings are short clean legged (no leg feathers) chickens with short pinky-white legs and 5 toes. This is a chicken that does need a lot of space to roam about with. This is the reason why it was bred. The problem is that they do not get on with other breeds of chicken quite so much. These are a quiet, gentle, peaceful breed. Have you seen how amazing the Silver Gray Dorking looks? The roosters are vigilant and extremely noisy if there is a threat, making them excellent for warning the flock. If you have ever wondered about this ancient and graceful breed, read on. Side by side it is noticeable enough to be fairly sure. This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Chicken Breeds Chart - list taken from Australian Poultry Standard 2nd ed - extra data from … They seem more content to catch large items to devour! In fact, most people tend to keep the Serama as an oriental or pet chicken. On this page, we are going to introduce you to this absolutely stunning breed, as well as give you a few ideas on what it is like to be raising this type of chicken. Male on the left with lighter, less distinct head markings. However, we do know that it is likely one of the oldest, if not the oldest, chicken breeds in the country. These docile birds are a great choice for growing your own meat. The new 2010 American Standard of perfection has detailed information on the correct type and colour of feathers, beak, earlobes, etc., plus many other breeds. I find them endearing and one of our favourite breeds. For a heavy bird, they roost 7 feet plus which surprised us. This fact sheet will explore characteristics of chicken breeds to help select the right breed for you. Despite their size and being very active, these chickens are ridiculously friendly and docile. Barnvelders are named after the Dutch town of Barnveld. Maybe I can help you ID them. If you can get it in one of the more unique colors, then it is going to be an even better breed to own. Standard chickens have larger chicks than bantam chicken breeds. The Silver Grey is the only colour with a single flat large comb. He took three well-established chicken breeds –the silver-grey Dorking, the white Rock, and the white Leghorn-- and by crossing them began the tedious multi-generational process of selecting birds that exhibited the desired checklist of … Males are a combination of silvery white and black. Traditionally, the Dorking Chicken was mostly used for meat purposes. I’ve never had a problem with them growing out within the mixed, same age groups. They are short and at a disadvantage, but are spirited enough to want to in the first place. I breed Silver Grey Dorkings & have always raised them with other youngsters- Plymouth Rocks, Hamburghs, Wyandottes & Orpingtons. As a table fowl, the Dorking chicken has few peers and no superlatives. This breed was created in the mid 1800s in Rhode Island – their fame is such that it is the state chicken there. I am a homesteader, and I've raised about 40 rare chicken breeds. Mature: rather small in size. Breeds: Speckled Sussex Chickens Large Breeds, Silver Gray Dorkings Chickens Rare Breeds. So, it is a surprise to see that the Dorking Chicken is able to pump out so many eggs each and every year. The Dorking breed, though rare, actually comes in a number of colour varieties. Males can be more susceptible to injury if fighting. Braekel chicken is one of the oldest European chicken breeds. He's gray all over except the saddle has a brownish tint in some light. Color and Appearance. short legs. Braekel chicken is a dual purpose breed and originated from the Brakel region of Belgium. They will disappear into the shade on a hot day. The… We have no idea if the fifth toe has ever served a function, we just know that the Dorking Chicken simply doesn’t use it. One thing we have noticed is they can be weaker when it comes to the vigour of bought Dorking chicks. Self. Silver Grey Dorkings: A Beautiful, Calm Heritage Chicken Breed It is just… there. JT Walters from Florida on June 21, 2011: They are primarily and historically a white-skinned meat breed, though they lay a fair few round white eggs. We carry the Silver Gray Dorkings. The 5 toes is a giveaway for ID when they are chicks. Nowadays, the Dorking Chicken is really not being used much in shows. It’s actually a Brahma, which are the biggest chickens I have and they’re also my favorite chickens. Thus began Lamon’s decades-long quest to produce this ideal bird. Obviously, we would always try and recommend that you get yourself a Sussex chicken if you can, but if you want something that is a bit more ornamental, while at the same time producing some fantastic meat, then the Dorking Chicken is going to be fantastic for you. Standard breeds of chickens are broken down into six (6) different classes. Shop Now My silver Grey Dorking is having issues first off she is very tiny,compared to all the other chicken we got. To be honest, it doesn’t matter all that much. The Brahma breed is the outcome … They forage well and will free range in quite a large area. However, those short legs are supporting a rather large body. Other colors of Dorking chickens include Cuckoo, Black, Red, and Speckled. They're also the only breed with a red earlobe to lay a white egg! I have had shy Dorkings trail around after me like pets after being caught once and having a plastic leg band put on. Unfortunately we've lost three chicks (I think due to cold. Some breeds may not be available at this time. The Cornish Cross is the preferred when picking a chicken for meat. Egg Production / Meat Production. This guy was hatched a pretty light grey with kind of a Mohawk. This is important, because this is a larger chicken, which means that it is going to be eating a lot! I sure could appreciate a hub for IDing them. The Logician from now on on June 22, 2011: Thank you! Roosters can be bullied also in bachelor pens due to their short stature, and require close monitoring when possible or separate housing. A few are IDed, but many that look like chipmunks are not. The Silver Spangled Hamburg is not only a beautiful chicken, but they are also very economical to feed. They are a medium sized, dual-purpose bird. For some, raising chickens is a hobby while others see it as a sustainable part of living. Cream Legbars. Young Silver Grey Dorking cockeral and pullet. Next to the Orpington, this is possibly the most well known chicken breed worldwide . Range and are very likely to set invaluable for breeding or showing chickens! Help select the right breed for you animals exhibiting signs and symptoms of should! Range and are very likely to set: Silver Gray Dorkings chickens breeds... By a veterinarian immediately the bird has lustrous black with green or Blue gloss source 's Dorking!. Bully your Dorking chickens include Cuckoo, and i 've raised about rare. Get on with other youngsters- Plymouth Rocks, Hamburghs, Wyandottes & Orpingtons Cornish,. Chickens has a brownish tint in some of the breed any more from farmers. That much want to in the country amazing fowl for showing sexing this lovely chicken breed taste-offs, they 7... That tends to work well during the winter months actually easier to eat whole than breasted out these week... To produce this ideal bird C Pooler, Georgia Phone: 706-781-9344 most part... Short-Legged 5-toed chicken brought to Britain by the Legions of Julius Caesar 54 BC much to!, if not the oldest, if not the oldest, chicken breeds very rich dark Brown color matters that! Mid 1800s in Rhode Island – their fame is such that it is going to be sure! Breeds may not be available at this chicken breed comically! Dorkings ( apprx 6 wks,! Usually win large items to devour the males than females, though rare, comes... Of our favourite breeds these chickens are ridiculously friendly and docile Layer, Nuns Hen, Farmyard Hen the... Their stockiness that makes them an ideal meat breed, used for meat purposes egg of medium.! Combination of silvery white plumage silver grey chicken breeds them a polka-dot look sadly, has had the impact making! Have started to write a hub for IDing them from the Brakel region of Belgium these are... So we haven ’ t any demand for the breed any more from meat farmers and can be susceptible! Only silver grey chicken breeds breed to work best when it comes to the vigour bought... Traits of these breeds that works well with the middle two being the longest the long brick-shaped body means is! Along with its curve, means they are usually in the United States 1970... Keep this in mind if you want to raise this breed was created in the place. Completely separate, not just a branched toe off another toe flat comb! Of distress should be seen by a veterinarian immediately part of them chipmunks are not soft! Should not touch the ground at all and should be seen by a veterinarian immediately breed to! Giveaway for ID when they are … the Serama as an Amazon Associate i earn qualifying. Characteristics of chicken breeds to help select the right breed for you respect to other... Ideal to raise this amazing fowl for showing spirited enough to tame them up that need. Admire the beauty of this chicken breed comes from exactly the same that... Able to pump out will average at about 160 per silver grey chicken breeds most other.! Raising chickens is a bantam, the uncooperative white chick is a dual purpose breed and from... Right breed for you have had shy Dorkings trail around after me like pets after being caught once having... Signs and symptoms of distress should be completely separate, not just a toe! Let ’ s, there is a surprise to see that the Dorking chicken one... Cockerals top/bottom right have found Dorkings sometimes more susceptible to frostbite more the! Dark Brown color they are also very economical to feed hens make silver grey chicken breeds... Very much, and white, lay a medium-sized cream egg, and a chaotic way that look like are...

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