Bribery and Corruption in National and International Perspective

Bribery is the persuasion of another to act improperly, circumvent the laws or procedures in ones or anther’s favour by an offer or given an inducement. Corruption on the other hand is a moral deterioration by the given or acceptance of a bribe or the indulgence in such an improper act. Bribery and corruption originated from western world. It was spread to the rest of the world through colonialism and international trade.
Where they could not colonise a country by force, they offered bribes to appease the tribal chiefs and other key people in the country to get what they wanted. This led various countries to unconscious colonial occupation. The indigenous people took up the habit after the colonialist left. Indirect method of bribery is still used today by some of the advanced countries to obtain what they need from other countries. —————— Coming Story ———–

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