African Countries at the FIFA 2018 World Cup in Russia


African countries at the FIFA 2018 World Cup in Russia are Egypt, Nigeria, Senegal and Tunisia. The common characteristic of African countries is that they do not step up their games to equal or above that of their opponents. For example, when the European countries are playing against African countries, the European often step up their games to ensure they are not seen to be defeated by the Africans.  Yet the Africans who are always technically good and more durable do not see this to equal or up their games. In the end African countries tend to lose their games. 


If African countries want to go far in this  World Cup tournament, they have to step up their games, play tactically and with high intensity from beginning to the end of their matches. Many other countries cannot keep up with these. Therefore, the result will be for many of the Africa countries at their matches. If they do not keep up with these, they should not claim racism or blame referee in any defeat.



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